5 Reasons You Need to Watch Chelsea

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  1. The guest lineup. Who can interview a major political player and drug-endorsing celebrity in the same show, on the same couch at the same time? Chelsea can.
  2. New episodes on Netflix every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday means nearly constant access to new content, without the temptation to waste 10 straight hours in front of the TV. Dear Netflix, please do this with more shows.
  3. Chelsea Handler Council PSAs: Kids. They’re not that great. and Marriage. You can say no. Best thing since I discovered Amy Schumer (embarrassingly late in the game).
  4.  Instant streaming  means I can watch late night-style television at 7pm and or on Sunday mornings. #oldladystatus
  5. That time she asked Martha Stewart if she watches Orange is the New Black.
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Fall Creek Falls, Tennesse


Last month I took a super last minute long weekend to Tennessee. My parents were headed down to visit my brother and sister-in-law and ended up with a larger cabin the day before they left. My mom invited me along and seeing as it was Mother’s Day weekend I could hardly say no. And man, was I in for a treat! Fall Creek Falls is delightfully breathtaking.

file (3)We stayed at Cozy Cabins & Cottages, which were so comfortable. It took nearly 25 years, but I finally got my own room on family vacation, which was a major perk. Other than an unsightly storage trailer (not pictured) the back yard was on point. Roomy deck for morning coffee. (Outdoor morning coffee is the only way to start a vacation day.) Fire pit, hot tub, horse shoes and a short trail leading through the woods.

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We ventured into the state park for a little hiking. Well, actually I stayed at the cabin to read and nap Saturday, then joined the hiking adventure on Sunday. I want to like nature. I want to be a Wild-esque hiker. But I’m really not. I prefer to enjoy nature from the comfort of a covered patio with a glass of rose. But the perilous heights and countless mosquito bites were totally worth it when it comes to these views. I was not expecting them at all, but they’re pretty freaking majestic. Apparently they’re some on the only untouched forests in the United States AND there’s only one known professor to fall to his death here, so that’s a perk.
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Huge waterfalls always make me think of Pocahontas. Not the real one, the Disney one. That wears suede fringe and canoes down huge falls while belting show tunes. I think I like nature, the way Disney Pocahontas likes nature…