Living Room Tour

I realized the other day that this apartment will soon be my longest lived home since my leaving my parents house. As much as I’ve always wanted to decorate in fell swoop with a giant Target and West Elm haul–first my budget never allows that–and second, spaces decorated over time always settle into a cozier, homier version of that first vision. My favorite part of decorating is when you have all the big pieces in and it comes down to the details. As exciting as new furniture is, its an expensive purchase and big decision, and the process can easily become stressful and not feel creative and fun anymore.

I was trying to decide what the “finishing” piece here was that made it feel “done.” (Its never done, but it feels more cohesive that it has in the past.) And I think that last piece of the puzzle was this tassel throw. A couple months ago I was scrolling through Instagram on lazy Saturday morning in bed and saw Nate Berkus’ new collection was released at Target. This fringe throw was WHAT. I. NEEDED. I’d been on a hunt for the perfect cream colored throw. As much as I love cable knit, I didn’t want something that felt to winter-y and after I fell in love with a $100+ throw from Anthropologie I thought I was doomed. But this cream stripped throw WITH TASSELS was puuuuurfect. And at $29 RIGHT in my price range.  

My dad has basically become my own personal furniture maker in his retirement. He made my TV stand 2 years ago, then we made my coffee table over Thanksgiving last year and my newest addition was a semi-built in desk (sorry landlord) that he built this year for my birthday. I love having handmade furniture, I can customize the size and stains for my space and it feels special to have something that was made just for you.I’ve been wanting something in this little nook for a while. Initially I thought I wanted a bookshelf. But after enrolling in a masters program and working from home more often I was wanting a desk (by a window) more and more. I sent a handful of desk pictures to my dad (mostly from West Elm and CB2) so he could get an idea of what I was thinking and he designed and built this one for me. I love it! And I get SO MANY compliments on it. I works perfect in the space. Someday when I have a bigger home I have plans for matching bookshelves to flank each side, not sure Dad knows about that yet 😉

Now I’m just counting down the hours until I can put up Christmas decorations!