Reading Lately

Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman

I never would have picked this book up myself, but Emily Giffin instagrammed it as a book she had picked up, so I figured it was for sure worth a shot! Technically I suppose it’s a crime novel, which is not something I’m really into. But it has just the right amount of crime and creepiness so that it keeps me turning the pages without having to get up and turn on all the lights. It’s right on the same plane as Gone Girl and Girl on the Train.  Anyhow, the premise is that a big wig lawyer just got a huge promotion and is trying her first murder case, then before you know it there’s all the family secrets coming out here, there and everywhere. There was couple small ones that she threw in there that I almost didn’t notice, then I was like wait, WHAT DID SHE JUST WRITE!?

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

I read Straub’s last book two summers ago and first I have to say that she had THE BEST cover designs. I just want to carry the books everywhere I go and be like look guys! Look how cute this book I’m reading is. The story inside is pretty good too. Everyone raves about the books and they’re certainly good, but if it weren’t for the great cover art I might not seek them out (yes, I know that makes me totally shallow). But I do really like how realistic they are. It seems just like your friend is telling you about the strange thing that happened to her cousin’s roommate or something. And I like that. When she puts finished a new book two summers from now with another fantastic cover design I will totally read it.


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