NorCal16: Sonoma

IMG_2470.JPGOh wine country. I think it might be my favorite place on earth. You know the saying “I’m outdoorsy in that I like to drink on patios.” It is the quintessence of Sonoma. The weather is perfect, I could not think of one thing to make it better. 69 degrees with a few clouds in the morning that are well burnt off by lunchtime, leaving beautiful blue skies sweeping across a sea of green grape vines.  And everyone you meet seems to have a bottle of wine just waiting for you to drink. It’s the greatest thing ever.

IMG_2342We started in Lodi, CA. Which is halfway between Oakhurt and Sonoma. We had a delicious lunch at The Dancing Fox, then headed out to Klinker Brick  winery. It was probably my favorite winery of the whole trip. It was well outside Sonoma or Napa so the prices were great. We got out with three wine tastings, one glass and two bottles of rose for $30. (I stopped my wine tasting at the rose–#2 of 9–and just said FILL ME UP #roseallday) The patio backed right up to the winery so we were able to wander the rows, glass in hand, to fulfill all my Instagram dreams.

The following day we took a  wine trolley. Initially the idea of a wine trolley seemed really cheesy and touristy, which it kind of was. But it was also really great. We didn’t have to worry about having a designated driver, or navigating to and from the wineries. We made four stops and each place was ready for us. And by ready I mean they were waiting at the door with a glass of wine. (Why isn’t every activity I do like that? Good Morning Angela! Welcome to work, have a glass of wine.)

IMG_2417 Our first stop  was Ravenswood Winery, where we got a brief lesson on the science of wine making and sampled several of their reds. The second stop, Buena Vista Winery, was beautiful! The sun had come out and there was a wonderful European feel about the place. We got a full tour of the grounds, a tasting and glass of wine to go with lunch, which was catered with the trolley–another awesome perk.


My favorite stop was the last one–Mayo Winery. Its a family run business and the tasting was really just a free flow of wine. Red, white, bubbly. The works. Seriously considering joining their wine club. Mostly just for their sparking 2011 Blanc de Blanc #basic.IMG_2555

I would highly recommend the trolley. Way more fun than ubering from winery to winery and the driver had a cooler chock full of water bottles that were handed out between each stop. (brilliant)

By the time we left, I’m not sure how much wine was actually left in Sonoma–I’m not going to tell you how many bottles we consumed between the three of us. But I will say that I’m already trying to figure out how I can work in a stop to wine country on EVERY vacation from here on out. #yeswayrose



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